August 29, 2018


From May 2018, everyone planning to renovate bathroom space and interested in bathroom design can choose modern, functional bathroom furniture, presented in our latest Defra 2018 bathroom furniture catalog.

The new Defra brand catalog presents all the necessary information about brand’s bathroom furniture collections in a clear and modern form. 20 original collections, including 4 attractive and functional novelties – the FLOU, SENSO, NODO and POINT, will surely arouse your admiration. Along with the catalog, you get a color template in your hand that will help you choose the color of the lacquer or decor for your dream furniture.

The catalog layout presents the Defra brand collections in a transparent and elegant way, divided into three sections:

  • Defra Top new- containing energetic and fresh novelties – FLOW, SENSO, NODO and POINT collections,
  • Defra Top – containing well-known and popular collections, yet equipped with technological and functional innovations – AMURA, COMO, FONTE, GUADIX, MURCIA and OP-ARTY collections
  • Defra Basic – containing technologically and aesthetically refurbished collections – ALTA, BARREL, CALA, GRANADA, KLASIS, LATTE, LINES, OLEX and TRENTO and ALESIA, the successor of Armando.


  • Kolekcja mebli łazienkowych FLOU | Defra
  • Kolekcja mebli łazienkowych SENSO | Defra
  • Kolekcja mebli łazienkowych NODO | Defra
  • Kolekcja mebli łazienkowych POINT | Defra


Among novelties in Defra’s offer are DefraBox accessories, which will help to keep order in your drawer.


  • Akcesoria łazienkowe - DefraBOX marki Defra
  • Organizer we wnętrzu szuflady | Defra
  • Akcesoria łazienkowe - DefraBOX marki Defra


The Defra bathroom furniture catalog is available in paper and electronic versions (at

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