November 24, 2017

Self-assembly of cabinets without hassle – instructional videos

Self-assembly of bathroom or kitchen cabinets can cause problems for those who perform these tasks sporadically. Even the best and most clearly written instructions often confuse us. After all, proper assembly is a guarantee of 100% satisfaction with the use of furniture. Deftrans has set up a series of animated instructional films to address the situations people face when they purchase self-assembled furniture and help to assemble your bathroom and kitchen cabinets in a simple and easy way.

In preparation for the film, Deftrans has conducted a number of studies among users to diagnose which moments during assembly are the most difficult and most troublesome. The study included both the readability and understanding of the assembly instructions included with the set of furniture and the entire assembly process of the bathroom and kitchen furniture.

The result of the research was the redesign of the instructions attached to the furniture to be more readable and understandable for customers of the company. The most often malfunctioning and causing furniture complaints assembly steps have been identified. It was for these sensitive parts that we decided to make short animated instructional videos, which in a funny but exhaustive way show the proper way of doing a given activity.

While watching movies you can not assemble furniture from A to Z, but they are a perfect complement to the assembly instructions attached to the furniture. They allow you to view these parts of the cabinets that may seem difficult or incomprehensible, making the assembly itself shortened to a pleasant and satisfying moment.

The vidoes can be found on Deftrans Youtube channel  and on the webside in the Instructional Videos section.

The films illustrate both the preparation stage of the furniture to ensure the work is satisfactory, without unintentional damage to the furniture components, as well as the way of assembling the bodies through eccentrics or confidants, how to install and adjust door and drawer guides (ball, roller and soft-close) furniture fitting, wall mounting, washbasin or mirror assembly with lighting panel, finishing with proper maintenance and cleaning instructions.

Deftrans films are great for anyone who chooses to install their own furniture. With the use of state-of-the-art data transfer media, the user can safely and reliably, using a precise, verbal and visual instruction, efficiently assemble the selected bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

Instructional videos to help self-assembly your bathroom furniture.

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